Attention Dads! 5 Ways a Smart Home is Designed to Help You Relax!

Were you born in a barn? Shut the bloody door? Do you think money grows on trees? Do you recall these old-school Dad complaints? Furthermore, cringing as he reeled them off? But… since a few of us are now fathers ourselves, we absolutely get it. Much the same as Dad, we need to ensure the safety of our family and home. Opened entryways can give undesirable’s access. Open windows make managing our home heavier on the wallet when the bills come in. That cash doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

At any rate, we can have it much easier today, thanks to Smart Home Security innovation. Here are a few ways that Smart Owners helps you, the cutting edge Dad, stress less.

I don’t think I locked the house properly…

Nothing bothers a father like the thought about an entryway left opened around evening time, or the carport entryway being left open when all of you go out to eat. A Smart Home disposes of this stress in two ways.

Initially, it’s easy to check the status of your locks and garage entryway through your mobile phone application, regardless of where you are. On the off chance that you accidently left something open, you can secure it remotely. Second, our Geo-Services feature will tell you when you left the home without securing it. Leave any entry open and you will get a smartphone alert. One tap and you will be worry free!

You’re letting all the air out…

You can’t stop your children leaving the entryway open with the AC running… yet you can stop the excessive wastage. Our new Smart Thermostat watches your energy bills with an auto-shut off feature that consequently sets the temperature back when an entryway or window is left open for a certain time. It will send you a quick smartphone alert so you know to close the door. When you do, the AC begins again.

We’ll need to change the locks now…

Lost keys are a pain and a security hazard. Furthermore, in the event that you have teens, you know it’s bound to happen. You’ll never replace a lock again with a Smart Owners-powered Smart Lock on your front door. You can make your own 4-digit code and afterward change it as frequently as you need. You can even make individual codes for everybody in the house, with programmed smartphone notifications that let you know when your children arrive home.

Criminals will see that nobody’s home…

It can be stressful leaving your home empty, particularly on holidays and weekend trips. Our savvy lighting schedule makes your home look reasonably occupied when you are away . You can set your lights to turn on at a certain times consistently, or at slightly randomized times for additional authenticity. You can even have them go turn on automatically at sunset.

On the off chance that a break-in does happen while you’re gone, help will be en route, thanks to our 24-7 professional monitoring. You will get a smartphone notification of the activity and a cloud based video of the scene saved for you.

I don’t know how to do all of this…

Relax, Dad – our Smart Homes come fully installed by our experts. In a lot of cases we can even adapt existing technology. In fact, most of this can be yours for under $2000*!

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