How To Get Value For Money With Your Roofing Project

Roof Restoration Or Maintenance?

And Are you getting Honest Advice?

This is the most important aspect of your Roofing Project. Some signs you could being told a fib is if you are being told you must restore your roof. It is never a requirement to Restore your Roof.

On a Tile Roof- To maintain your roof you MUST take care of your pointing and broken tiles every 10-15 years. To determine if your tile roof is due for maintenance- Just check for cracks on your ridge-caps.

For A Metal Roof- Maintenance issues arise when you have rusty screws on your roof. Rusty screws can lead to rusty sheets and can have the potential if left untreated to leave a nasty roof replacement bill. Restoring Metal roofs with Rust Inhibiting Primer at the right time will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Are you being offered transparent Pricing?

With all Roofing Projects, being offered transparent pricing is a “must” to look for as a consumer.
When jobs are priced at Smartowners, we break it right down to how much for a screw, tile, cap and SQM rate for a Full Roof Restoration. Our goal is transparency and to give you a true understanding of what the scope of work is.

Why would i Restore My Roof?

By completing a Full Roof Restoration On your Metal Or Tile Roof there is definitely some added benefits. Your street appeal is greatly increased, If you are a Home Proud Home Owner then a roof restoration should certainly be a consideration. A Roof Restoration attracts greater warranties than your standard maintenance work, so some peace of mind is definitely a contributing factor that may sway your decision.

Applying the right paint when completing a roof restoration can have a great impact on lowering your homes energy usage. This is especially the case on Metal Roofs. At Smartowners, With all Roofing Projects we will offer you Top Quality Advice, Products & Warranties.

Choosing the Right Colour?

It’s exciting to start this process and with so many colour choices available there is no reason why you won’t find the right colour for you and your home! Stop and ask yourself some questions first, to help you focus on what is important to you when choosing the colour. You should consider a number of practical and aesthetic factors that are associated with the colours available.

Do you want it to reflect the heat or absorb the heat?
Do you want it to match or compliment the exterior colour of your house?
*Look at things like your brick work, door and window frames fencing & Gutters.
What colour has it been and have you been happy?
Is it a flat or peaked roof?
Do you have a high traffic area? (A lighter roof on a busy street may result in it becoming dirtier quicker)
These are just a few questions to ask yourself before choosing a colour.

Dark colours can give your house a bold and sophisticated look while lighter colours can give a feeling of cool and calm.
Go outside and really have a look at what stands out about your home. How much green landscape do you have near your house.

Having a light coloured roof will tend to reflect the heat , which is great if your house has a low roof or a shallow point. Choosing a darker colour will more likely absorb that heat (which is great in winter)

All our paint comes with either a 10 or 15 year warranty.

Am I Dealing with a reputable company?

When choosing a roofing contractor, it is important to ensure you are dealing with a licensed organisation. Always ask to see a copy of the public liability if you are not sure. A Great FREE public search tool to eliminate unlicensed trades is available for everyone at the QBCC.
Does the company have a premises? Are they likely going to be reachable down the track should you need to claim warranties etc.

” A job done cheap often wont be good & a good job wont often be cheap”

We aim to please, so we have affordable payment options, transparent pricing and your roofing maintenance and restoration projects will always be done on time and to excellent standards.

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Roller Shutters- Another Smart, Secure Way To Reduce Your Cost Of Living

How Can Roller Shutters Save You Money?

Roller Shutter Installation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering ways to reduce your cost of living, however with the sturdy construction, well insulated design and total control to filter out UV rays with a touch of a button they make a great solution to save you home money.

Shutter Out That Heat!

Roller Shutters provide excellent energy protection through both winter and summer. With the unbearable heat Australians are often subjected to, Smartowners supplies and installs Roller Shutters that are designed to withstand the heat and keep your home cooler longer.
The Roller Shutters will block the heat from infiltrating your home, which means you will have to put less effort into keeping your home cool.

One Button Light Control

In addition to managing your inside temperatures, Roller Shutters can completely block out light from any room or house with the touch of a button.
In Short, Light & Temperature control means you will drastically reduce your energy bills whilst giving you additional security and privacy.

Your Homes Smart Energy Barrier

Roller Shutters create an independent energy barrier around your house. In a matter of moments your house could completely block out all outside light. This is an extremely efficient way of retaining your homes heat in the cooler months and keeping your home cool in the warmer months.
Think of all the hours of running your air conditioning and ceiling fans you would be saving by trapping that energy in your home for you to enjoy.

Lets not forget- Security

Roller Shutters are total enhancement to your home security. They protect you and your family against burglary and vandalism by making it difficult for intruders to access your windows and doors. Once in the down position, the shutters activate a system that prevents them from being rolled up by force, so once down they remain down. Smartowners Roller Shutters provide an excellent physical barrier against entry that deters intruders and protects your windows and doors against breakage. There are also no outside locks that can be picked or tampered with. Smartowners also assists in configuring your Roller Shutters to have certain rules and behaviours so they can be managed whilst you are on holiday. Giving the house an appearance of being occupied.

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How to Choose the Best Security System for Your Home

1: Professional monitoring for emergencies

You’ll encounter plenty of off-the-shelf home security devices with smartphone apps that alert you to activity at home.

It’s an exciting new way of staying connected to home, and also a bad approach to home security. You cannot be—and probably don’t wish to be—”on call” around the clock, ready to respond to an emergency alert from your home.

For real home security, professional security monitoring—included with all Smartowners-powered systems—is essential.

In an emergency, the system proactively alerts a 24-7 monitoring station, where security professionals are on hand—day and night—to contact your local police or fire department immediately.

2: Smarter alerting that doesn’t overwhelm you

Don’t get us wrong: smartphone alerts are great – especially Smartowners alerts and reminders.

With an ecosystem of security sensors, and a cloud ‘brain’ to process the information they gather, our technology understands what’s happening at home and whether you need to know about it. That way, you don’t get swamped with alerts about everyday activity.

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For example, if you want an alert when your son arrives home from school—but not every time someone opens your front door—you can create a ‘disarm’ alert for your security system that only your son’s four-digit user code can trigger.

3: Security with added convenience

While old-fashioned security systems can inconvenience you, a modern system makes life easier.

Look for features like smart access control. An Smartowners-powered smart lock, connected to your system, makes it easy to let the right people in without compromising security.

Your kids can have a permanent user code, while trusted visitors can have restricted user codes that only work between certain times, or which expire after a set time. No more keeping track of spare keys!

You can also automate things for convenience. For example, you can have your system disarm and your hallway lights come on when you open your smart lock. You can even create an ‘arriving home’ scene button in your app that does it all with one command.

4: Security with smart deterrence

It’s better to deter a crime than to solve one after the fact. The right security system makes your home a highly unattractive target to a burglar.

Look for a system that incorporates visible deterrents like outdoor security cameras and a doorbell camera. Most burglars check for security cameras and avoid homes that have them.

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You can also include smart lighting on your front porch, programmed to turn on when the sun sets every day. It can also turn on when your doorbell camera detects motion, ensuring that after-dark intruders find themselves in the spotlight.

5: Proactive safety features for your family

The best security systems don’t just protect you from crime: they protect your family from everyday dangers too.

Contact sensors inside your home can give you early awareness when kids get into forbidden areas like the garage. Even if you don’t set up alerts for these areas, Smartowners can still protect you. Our Insights Engine learns activity patterns over time, and sends you Unexpected Activity alerts when unusual events occur.

6: A tamper-resistant cellular connection

When assessing a security system, pay close attention to how it communicates and sends emergency signals.

Some systems use phone lines, or piggyback on your home’s broadband connection. These are vulnerable to a falling tree branch or a pair of wire-cutters.

For better security, look for a system with a dedicated cellular connection and battery backup. This type of security system can signal for help even if your phone lines are down and your power is out.

In fact, Smartowners can even defeat an intruder who smashes the security panel.

7: A complete smart home setup

There’s one more, very important reason why getting the right security system matters. Smart technology is fast becoming a must-have, and you’ll soon want to upgrade your home.
An Smartowners-powered system equips your home with the smart home platform you need for a frustration-free smart home, controlled by a single app. With Smartowners installed, you and your family can easily incorporate new smart devices as you need them, such as:

A smart thermostat to save energy and stay more comfortable
A video doorbell that lets you answer your door from anywhere
Indoor video cameras to keep an eye on a future arrival
Smart garage door openers for easy access
External Cameras with State of the Art Cloud Video Services.

Smartowners combines all of these devices into one harmonious system with everything working together, controlled through a single command center on your smartphone or computer screen.

Not everyone knows it yet, but the right security system is your frustration-free shortcut to a smart home.

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    The Five Stages of Smart Home Parenting


    Welcoming children into your household is one of the most special and exciting times of life. It’s also one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever undertake.

    Help will come in many forms: family, friends, the new social networks you’ll make as parents. It also comes in the form of technology that makes the everyday work of parenting easier. From electric bottle warmers to space-age stroller designs, you’ll soon discover technical fixes for every challenge.

    Some of these are more valuable than others, and most technical fixes are specific to a short stage in your baby’s development. A few, however, are versatile enough to address multiple parenting challenges and adapt to new situations over the years.

    One of these is smart home security, a technology that protects your home and everyone in it. It’s hassle-free to install and easy to expand with new equipment, making it an outstanding parenting investment that keeps on giving as your children grow.

    1. The Newborn Stage: Comfort and Closeness


    Having a newborn in your home is a time of wonder. You wonder at the magic of it all, and you wonder when you’ll ever sleep properly again. Your focus is on keeping your baby happy and comfortable, and acting quickly if they’re in distress.

    Comfort starts with the Smart Owners Smart Thermostat and its remote temperature sensors, which help you ensure the perfect temperature wherever your baby sleeps.

    Video monitoring in your nursery helps keep you connected to your baby no matter where you are in the house. When they nap, you too can catch up on sleep without worrying.

    The Toddler Stage: Activity Awareness

    Sunny home interior of open plan apartment
    Sunny home interior of open plan apartment

    When those baby steps turn into toddling and exploration, childproofing everything within four feet of the floor is the name of the game.

    You can’t contain your toddler’s curiosity—nor would you want to—but you can stay aware of what they’re exploring by installing contact sensors around your home.

    Thanks to instant smartphone alerts from Smart Owners when a sensor is triggered, you’ll have a sixth sense for trouble—whether that’s playing in the fridge or opening the bedroom door at 3am.

    3. The School-Age Stage: No Time to Waste


    Life with school-aged kids is busy! Simply getting children out the door and off to school while preparing yourself for work can be an everyday adventure. Your smart home security system makes everything easier.

    Securing your home is as easy as a single tap on your Smart Owners app, thanks to our new Scenes buttons. Should you ever forget, Smart Owners will send you a reminder.
    You can also automate your home to take care of things. Geo-Services can do things like set your thermostat back when you leave home, using your smartphone’s location to trigger proactive safeguards and other actions.

    4. The Teen Stage: Managed Independence


    Teens want independence. You want to keep them safe, and your home secure. Your system keeps everyone happy with smart access control and easy ways to keep an eye on your home-alone teens.

    It starts at the front door, where a smart lock and a video doorbell let your teens come and go as they please, while also letting you know when they arrive home and who else is visiting. When your teen starts driving, smart garage door technology will give you additional peace of mind.

    5. The University Years: Go on Vacation!


    An empty nest is an opportunity to travel more. Whether you’re visiting the kids at college, or exploring new places on your own, Smart Owners makes any trip more relaxing.

    Professional security monitoring gives you peace of mind, while smart access control and video check-ins help you manage pet-sitters. If you’re considering a second home now that the kids live elsewhere, Smart Owners will protect that too.

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    Introducing One Button Control For Your Whole Home!

    Ever wished you had a magic button that automatically took care of things around the house for you?

    As of today, you have one.

    We can give you the ability to adjust multiple devices in your Smartowner’s smart home with a single command.

    Leaving the house? Tap the ‘Away’ button and your security system arms, your front door locks, your garage closes and your thermostat sets back to save energy.

    Ready for bed? Tap ‘Sleep’ to have your thermostat dial down or switch to the bedroom temperature sensor for perfect comfort, while your house secures itself for the night.

    The latest version of the app you’ll find four readymade scenes -Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. Each scene is configured for a moment in the day where you need to adjust several things at once: arriving home, leaving the house, going to bed and getting up in the morning.

    All four scenes are easy to customize and add to. You can add a porch light to your Home scene for a bright welcome, or set your downstairs lights to turn off automatically when you tap the Sleep button.

    Want a button for a different moment? It’s easy to build your own scenes with commands for your security system, locks, garage door, smart lights, smart thermostats and even your smart water valve.

    Just pick a name for your new scene—Dinner, or Kids Bedtime—then select the devices involved, specify what you want them to do, and add the button to your Scenes menu. It will appear at the top of your app, ready to use.

    Controlling your home just got even easier with Smart Owners—the only app you need for your home.

    To find out more about Smartowner’s home security app, click here.

    How to Create a Smart Nursery, Simply

    Kids love gadgets from birth. They get toys that beep, shoes that light up, and even their own tablets to play on (when they finish dinner).

    Now, the ‘smart nursery’ is becoming a trend. Parents can get gadgets like wearable baby sleep trackers and “smart socks” with apps that monitor your child’s breathing. Helpful or stressful? We’ll let you be the judge.

    What can really help you, though, is a smart home security system extended into your nursery to make it an even safer and more comfortable environment. Here’s how it’ll help you both sleep better.

    See what’s going on via video

    Much of today’s connected nursery technology is “no substitute for a decent video monitor,” saysThe New York Times—and an indoor security camera gives you the best video monitoring possible. Rather than needing a monitor screen, you can view your baby through your smartphone, peeking in anytime from wherever you are. At home, it’s convenient; if you’re back at work, it’s a wonderful way to stay connected.

    Ensure a perfect temperature

    Our smart thermostat can save energy, make your home more comfortable, and even focus on your nursery to ensure the right temperature for your baby.

    With a small, wireless temperature sensor installed on the wall, your thermostat will know the exact temperature in the nursery, and can heat or cool your home until the nursery itself is the perfect temperature for naptime.

    Keep tabs on exploring toddlers

    As your baby becomes more mobile, contact sensors give you a useful ‘sixth sense’ for potential danger in the form of doors and drawers being opened.

    They’re easy to install on most doors and alert you instantly when, say, the nursery door is quietly opened halfway through naptime. As your child gets older, contact sensors will become great additions to your front and back door, kitchen cabinets, the gate to your yard, and even your freezer drawer where the ice-cream is.

    Avoid tumbles in the dark

    For toddlers, transitioning from a crib to a big-kids bed is exciting—in large part because they can get out of it anytime. This is the time to add some smart lighting to the hallway outside your nursery.

    Smart lighting switches on automatically when triggered by a sensor – either the contact sensor on the door, or a motion sensor on the hallway wall. If your child gets the urge to wander at night, at least they won’t be doing it in the dark.

    A smart nursery isn’t the only thing Smart Owners gives your family. Click here to discover more things you’ll love about smart home security.

    Attention Dads! 5 Ways a Smart Home is designed to help you relax!

    Were you born in a Barn? Shut the Bloody door? Do you think money grows on trees?

    Do you recall these old-school Dad complaints? Furthermore, cringing as he reeled them off?

    But…now since a few of us are fathers ourselves, we absolutely get it.

    Much the same as Dad, we need to ensure the safety of our family and home. Opened entryways can give undesirable’s access. Open windows make managing our home heavier on the wallet when the bills come in. That cash doesn’t grow on trees, you know.

    At any rate we can have it much easier today, thanks Smart Home Security innovation. Here are a few ways that Smart Owners helps you, the cutting edge Dad, stress less.

    I don’t think I locked the house properly…

    Nothing bothers a father like the thought about an entryway left opened around evening time, or the carport entryway being left open when all of you go out to eat. A Smart Home disposes of this stress in two ways.

    Initially, it’s easy to check the status of your locks and garage entryway through your mobile phone application, regardless of where you are. On the off chance that you accidently left something open, you can secure it remotely.

    Second, our Geo-Services feature will tell you when you left the home without securing it. Leave any entry open and you will get a smartphone alert. One tap and you will be worry free

    You’re letting all the air out…

    You can’t stop your children leaving the entryway open with the AC running… yet you can stop the excessive wastage.

    Our new Smart Thermostat watches your energy bills with an auto-shut off feature that consequently sets the temperature back when an entryway or window is left open for a certain time. It will send you a quick smartphone alert so you know to close the door. When you do, the AC begins again.

    We’ll need to change the locks now…

    Lost keys are a pain and a security hazard. Furthermore, in the event that you have teens, you know it’s bound to happen.

    You’ll never replace a lock again with a Smart Owners-powered Smart Lock on your front door. You can make your own 4-digit code and afterward change it as frequently as you need. You can even make individual codes for everybody in the house, with programmed smartphone notifications that let you know when your children arrive home.

    Criminals will see that nobody’s home…

    It can be a stress leaving your home empty, particularly on holidays and weekend trips.

    Our savvy lighting schedule makes your home look reasonably occupied when you are away . You can set your lights to turn on at a certain times consistently, or at slightly randomized times for additional authenticity. You can even have them go turn on automatically at sunset.

    On the off chance that a break-in does happen while you’re gone, help will be en route, thanks to our 24-7 professional monitoring. You will get a smartphone notification of the activity and a cloud based video of the scene saved for you.

    I don’t know how to do all of this…

    Relax, Dad – our Smart Home’s comes fully installed by our experts. In a lot of cases we can even adapt existing technology. In actual fact most of this can be yours for under $2000*!
    Call us this month and quote #smartesthomeontheblock and you will receive a bonus external security camera. Phone NOW  for a Free Demonstration 1300 822 858

    6 Surefire ways to improve the value of your home – “The Smart Way”

    1) Securing your home.securing your home

    First and foremost, most homeowners or potential homeowners will be or should be looking at the security of their home.

    When looking to add value and keep you and your family safe you should immediately consider the most likely entry points for an intruder. Start by assessing those areas  then cover them with a behaviour orientated cctv system that connects to your iOS or Android device with cloud storage.  Take a walk around the house and check the strength  and quality of the screens, security grills and  doors around the house. If poor standard, consider replacing with an energy rated stainless steel security option.

    Completing these two projects on your home keeps, you , your family safe, looks great and add’s loads of value to your home.



    solar energy  2) Sustainable Living

    Energy Efficiency and sustainable living have been a buzz words for years in the home improvement industry.

    There is a big difference between just getting solar and making the right choices that will save energy and your home money.

    Solar Panels, battery back up and Smart metered appliances is where you should begin. You can monitor your usage by appliance and even set energy goals with the right energy management tool. Consider replacing your lights to LED lights.  (Especially Halogens)

    Your solar, air-conditioning and energy management methods for your home are all strong selling points when trying to improve your homes resale value.



    improved outdoor  3) Improve your outdoor areas

    Smart Outdoor living in Australia is a must.

    With outdoor blinds, PVC café blinds, shutter patio enclosures, privacy screens and awnings you can completely transform your whole home, just by focusing on your outdoor area.

    The right blinds or outdoor awnings can completely transform your outdoor area into the “must be” place in the family home.  Enclosing  your patio with some nice shutters would  create a whole new living space.

    The right home entertainment and audio system in your outdoor area could also transform a buyers opinion on your home. Are you a sports lover? Or do you love to entertain with the right music at your fingertips?

    If you love it and use it everyday, it’s likely so could any potential buyer.


    restore your roof  4) Restore your Roof

    Restoring your roof is often overlooked by many people and roofs start to  look tired and untidy,  what most people don’t stop to think about  is the impact that can also have on the  homes energy usage.

    Having your roof restored and sealed with a heat reflective paint  can reduce the surface temperature of traditional red, brown, or green roofs by as much as 20% in the summer heat*.

    Keeping your house looking fresh, well maintained and using the best quality products when improving your house is absolutely vital if you intend to sell or plan to stay and make it your family home.

    Restoring your roof with a quality heat reflective paint will make a major difference to your home.  Its not usually more expensive than a standard restoration either.


    home entertainment  5) Upgrade your Home Entertainment

    Arguably, the most used and most loved room of the house.

    Is your home complete without a big screen with cinema quality sound? It definitely makes a difference to be able to bring your favorite movies and sports to life!

    It’s the part of the home that you, your family and friends can enjoy anytime.

    If your TV is wall mounted out of the way, controlled by a reliable app and has internet access then you are already on the right path.

    If you’ve already got that far….. Is this standard the same for the rest of TV’s in the house? and are they synced?

    The right wall mounted Smart Tv’s and the right audio set up in your home will definitely attract the more tech savvy buyer.



      6) Get unlimited audio

    Imagine, Any song, Anytime, Any Room. All accessible easily with your Smart Phone.

    To compliment your home, why wouldn’t you add all the music on Earth to your home?

    No need to save audio files, plug in Ipod’s or make sure you have enough space on your device.

    Presuming you have a decent home data plan, you should be able to stream any song, anytime, in any room at the touch of a button on your phone.

    A smart audio set up in your home can set your home apart from the rest.



    A Smart Home for the future

    A Smart Home For The Future

    There is more to owning and caring for a home than just living there. There are responsibilities that come with a home and there is a sense of belonging that comes from having a home that is not temporary.

    There is a responsible way to care for and live in a home and there is a frivolous and non-caring style that can also be lived. It is important to remember when starting a commitment to a home that this is more than a one year commitment, more than a five year commitment, it can be a lifetime commitment that lasts into the next generation.