6 Surefire Smart Ways to Improve The Value of Your Home

1. Securing Your Home

First and foremost, most homeowners or potential homeowners will be or should be looking at the security of their home.

When looking to add value and keep you and your family safe you should immediately consider the most likely entry points for an intruder. Start by assessing those areas  then cover them with a behaviour orientated CCTV system that connects to your iOS or Android device with cloud storage.

Take a walk around the house and check the strength  and quality of the screens, security grills and  doors around the house. If poor standard, consider replacing with an energy rated stainless steel security option. Completing these two projects on your home keeps, you and your family safe, looks great, and adds loads of value to your home.

2. Sustainable Living

Energy efficiency and sustainable living have been a buzz words for years in the home improvement industry. There is a big difference between just getting solar and making the right choices that will save energy and your home money.

Solar panels, battery back up and Smart metered appliances is where you should begin. You can monitor your usage by appliance and even set energy goals with the right energy management tool. Consider replacing your lights to LED lights (especially halogens). Your solar, air-conditioning and energy management methods for your home are all strong selling points when trying to improve your homes resale value.

3. Improve Your Outdoor areas

Smart Outdoor living in Australia is a must! With outdoor blinds, PVC cafe blinds, shutter patio enclosures, privacy screens and awnings, you can completely transform your whole home, just by focusing on your outdoor area.

The right blinds or outdoor awnings can completely transform your outdoor area into the “must be” place in the family home.  Enclosing  your patio with some nice shutters would  create a whole new living space.

The right home entertainment and audio system in your outdoor area could also transform a buyers opinion on your home. Are you a sports lover? Or do you love to entertain with the right music at your fingertips? If you love it and use it everyday, it’s likely so could any potential buyer.

4. Restore Your Roof

Restoring your roof is often overlooked by many people and roofs start to look tired and untidy. What most people don’t stop to think about is the impact that can also have on the homes energy usage. Having your roof restored and sealed with a heat reflective paint can reduce the surface temperature of traditional red, brown, or green roofs by as much as 20% in the summer heat*.

Keeping your house looking fresh, well maintained and using the best quality products when improving your house is absolutely vital if you intend to sell or plan to stay and make it your family home. Restoring your roof with a quality heat reflective paint will make a major difference to your home.  Its not usually more expensive than a standard restoration either.

5. Upgrade Your Home Entertainment

Arguably, the most used and most loved room of the house.

Is your home complete without a big screen with cinema quality sound? It definitely makes a difference to be able to bring your favourite movies and sports to life! It’s the part of the home that you, your family and friends can enjoy anytime.

If your TV is wall mounted out of the way, controlled by a reliable app and has internet access then you are already on the right path. If you’ve already got that far… is this standard the same for the rest of TV’s in the house? and are they synced? The right wall mounted Smart TVs and the right audio set up in your home will definitely attract the more tech savvy buyer.

6. Get Unlimited Audio

Imagine: Any song, any time, any room. All accessible easily with your Smart Phone. To compliment your home, why wouldn’t you add all the music on Earth to your home? No need to save audio files, plug in IPods or make sure you have enough space on your device.

Presuming you have a decent home data plan, you should be able to stream any song, anytime, in any room at the touch of a button on your phone. A smart audio set up in your home can set your home apart from the rest.

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